Simple Beauty Secret

Have you heard that white and green tea is very good for your skin? The extract is found in many beauty creams and treatments on the market today. Expensive beauty treatments are a thing of the past for many. I want to share a little secret with you. Next time you are having a cup of your favorite white or green tea, wait until you get to the end, the last few drops, and dip your ring finger (it has the gentlest touch) into the cup. Dab the liquid gently over your forehead and then dip again and do the same to the area around your eyes and mouth. This makes a real difference to your skin and doesn't cost a single cent. You can purchase a high quality green tea from any good supermarket. White tea is harder to come by but it is higher in antioxidants. By the way antioxidants act like lemon juice on cut apples, they slow aging and decomposition.


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