Just Because It's Edible...

JUST BECAUSE a food is edible doesn't mean it's fit for human consumption. A large and still growing number of items that comprise a modern person's diet simply no longer fit into the orthodox classification of foods. The "non-foods" offer almost no nutritional value and many of them are harmful as well. Below is a list of 10 of these foods that are virtually excluded from an alkaline diet and the reasons why.

1. Coffee-Coffee produces a great deal of acid in the body, and high amounts of caffeine act as a stimulant. Coffee is of no food value. If you enjoy the taste of coffee, natural food stores carry a variety of delicious grain coffees that are caffeine-free.

2. Drugs- Including prescribed pills, paracetemol, asprin, birth control pills, etc. cause high acidity and if you want to stay balanced, they are not recommended.

3. Canned and processed foods-Almost all commercially prepared foods contain preservatives and additives, not to mention artificial coloring, artificial flavorings, chemical fillers etc. Most sugar coated breakfast foods are created in scientific laboratories by chemists; even synthetically enriched or fortified foods cannot successfully replace fresh foods, for the body cannot always absorb the chemical substitutes which were designed to imitate nature.

4. Dairy products-While some animal foods (fish, occasionally eggs or fowl) are included in a diet that encourages alkalinity, dairy products are almost completely eliminated. The cow's milk available today has been altered by pasteurization which destroys natural enzymes, leaving a poor quality food. All the other nutrients found in milk can be obtained in much higher proportion in foods such as seaweeds (which contain 3 to 14 times as much calcium) and leafy green vegetables. Milk by-products-butter, yogurt, cheeses and cream-contain saturated fats as well as dyes, artificial colouring and preservatives which interfere with digestion.
If you are strongly drawn to dairy products, goat's milk (or raw cow's milk from a trusted source) is preferred to regular supermarket.

5. Meat-Most meats today are filled with chemicals-residues from antibiotics, hormones, and tranquilizers that were shot into or fed to cattle, dyes added by man, and pesticides from foodstuffs consumed by the cattle. Processed meats contain numerous other non foods, eg. stabilizers, preservatives, fillers and artificial flavorings. Meat takes a long time to digest; it requires tremendous effort on the part of the digestive and circulatory systems to get rid of the toxins and poisons we consume when we eat flesh.

6. Refined oil, margarine and hydrogenated vegatable oils-Oil is very important in our cooking. When we eliminate saturated animal fats from our diet and replace them with quality vegetable oils, we must be careful in selecting oils that will supply us with nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids. All hydrogenated oils should be avoided since these are heavily altered, chemically treated products. The best quality oils of vegetable origin are available through natural health store. Choose oils that are unrefined, deep in colour and smell exactly like the plant they came from. The are full of impurities, but these "impurities" are actually vitamins-vitamins A, E, F and elements like natural lecithin.

7. Soft Drinks and diet colas-While the exact formula of coc-cola and dr pepper remain a secret to the world, it can easily be established through chemical analysis that colas contain caffeine, tannic acid, theobromine, glucose and sugar as well as substantial amounts of phosphoric acid and artificial flavouring agents, sweeteners and preservatives. If you have ever spilled a soft drink on fabric or furniture you are aware the damage it can do if left untreated-imagine what it does to your body!

8. Sugar-White sugar is not a whole food, merely an extraction from a plant. It is heavily processed. During the refining treatment, lime, phosphoric acid, and diatomaceous earth all come in contact with the cane or beet. The end product is pure-to the extent that everything possible has been removed.

9. Tap water-Everyone is aware that our natural resources have suffered through man's carelessness. Water is just one of the many essential foods that man has effected and misused to such an extent that good water is becoming scarce. Tap water is loaded with undesirable trace compounds, minerals and chemicals. Inexpensive and highly effective filters are recommended if you find it difficult to source a good spring water. If you are using spring water make sure you get it tested as spring water from rural areas are prone to contamination from farming. Contamination is not always detectable to the nose, taste buds or naked eye. Treating tap water may sound extreme to some but the difference to your health can quickly be observed in a few days. The hard compounds in water place an extra burden on the kidneys which have the job of filtering them out and often mineral deposits simply collect in the various organs. Hydro Fluoro Silicic Acid (H2SiF6), is a listed poison, and it is still being added to tap water in some countries. Also trace chemicals in water have a definite effect on food-bread made with tap water cannot rise naturally because the chemicals in the water actually inhibit or kill the natural yeasting agents.

10. GMO products- "The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM)  reported that “Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food,” including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system." Institute for Responsible Technology

Eat the way nature intended you to! 


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