The Aura in Medicine

"Orthodox medicine does not recognise the existence of the human aura; but a number of medical doctors have investigated this aspect of man. One of the first to do so was Dr Walter Kilner, head of the electro-therapy department at St Thomas's Hospital in London. He was familiar with the Theosophical literature pertaining to the aura and etheric double. In 1908 he began experimenting with dicyanin screens in order to make the human aura visible. The dye used in the screens had a definite effect upon the human eye, making it sensitive to radiations not normally registered, and through this method Kilner could see the auric field around his patients. In 1911 he published his findings in a book called The Human Atmosphere which came complete with diagrams and screens. Kilner claimed that the aura had distinct inner and outer components, and that they showed changes when disease was present. None of Kilner's Work showed any indication that he could see that chakras; perhaps he could visualize only the coarsest aspects of the aura through the screens. He was adamant that the phenomena observed were physical in nature and in no way occult. In recent years Dr John Pierrakos, director of the Institute for Bioenergentic Analysis in New York, has observed the aura directly without the use of screens. His findings bear a close resemblance to those of Kilner, and he too has attempted to apply these observations for diagnostic purposes in his own practice. Another outstanding physician, Dr. Shafica Karagulla, works with sensitivities, clairvoyants who can see the auric fields as well as the various bodies of man and the chakras. Their descriptions of the alterations taking place in the chakras and the subtle bodies have been found to have an accurate ad direct relationship to the actual physical diseases recorded in the patients-medical histories. In many instances the sensitivities can detect pathological changes in the aura before they make a physical appearance. No doubt the day will come when science will devise instrumentation that can scan the human aura and make visible these subtle energy fields. One of the earliest examples of electrophotography, showing the radiating lines of energy from a human hand, taken in the late nineteenth century. The energy lines radiating at right angles from the surfaces of the hand fit descriptions given by clairvoyants of the etheric body." An Excerpt from Subtle Body Essence and Shadow by David V. Tansley


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