Maintaining Health through Alkalinity

pH test strips can be used to check alkalinity level of the body.
The pH of the body is very important to its overall health. You can check yours to see if it is within the healthy range by testing your urine or saliva using pH test strips. A healthy pH is just above 7.0. Anything above 7.0 is called alkaline and anything below 7.0 is acid. All our bodily functions operate better in alkaline conditions. We can maintain an alkaline state easily through diet and exercise and by maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.
When we are stressed or overworked an acid condition will result and sickness automatically follows. An acid condition has an adverse effect on human cell function causing impaired energy production, fluid accumulation and an increase in free radical generation. Avoiding foods that cause acidity in the body is as important as maintaining a healthy life balance. 
These days people are rarely too alkaline because their diets are, more often than not, too high in acid forming substances like refined sugar, animal and dairy products, alcohol and drugs. 

Supplement your diet with Alkaline Foods.
Foods that will help you to maintain an alkaline state
You can eat lots of them!

  • Alfalfa Grass +29.3
  • Barely Grass +28.1
  • Cabbage Lettuce, Fresh +14.1
  • Carrot +10.0
  • Cayenne Pepper +18.8
  • Celery +13.3
  • Chives +10.0
  • Cucumber, Fresh +31.5
  • Green Beans +11.2
  • Limes +10.0
  • Spinach +13.0
  • Wheatgrass +33.8
  • Avocado +15.6
  • Tomato +13.6

Balance your diet by, supplementing with all or any of the above, eating moderate amounts of organic unprocessed grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, cooking with good oils, and choosing to eat only good quality fresh fish or organic meat. Avoid processed meat and dairy products, refined sugar and alcohol. We can also maintain a healthy pH balance by meditating, chewing food very well, breathing deeply, getting plenty of fresh clean air and water and exercising regularly. 


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