Smoothies for your lovelife

These recipes are taken from the book, Healing Juice by Helen J. Simpson and adapted ever so slightly. 

Aprodites Love Potion 

Serves (at least) 2

Certain foods have been recommended for provoking erotic desire. Some fruits play their part in Provoking desire: those that are rich in vitamins A and E and zinc are said to be particularly potent sex enhancers.

1 mango
1 pineapple
7 apricots
Juice of 1 orange
1 tsp honey

Half the mango and remove the stone, cut into chunks and place in the blender. Remove the skin from the pineapple and cut the flesh into chunks and place in blender, stone the apricots and add them whole. Add the juice from the orange and the honey. Blend until completely smooth. Add extra water if too thick and blend again. Decorate with fresh mint leaves.

Venus Awakened

Serves 2

No wonder the perfumed strawberry is the symbol of venus, Goddess of love!

14 strawberries
2 nectarines
14 raspberries
1 cup of coconut milk
1 teaspoon of honey

Place the whole strawberries the blender. Slice and remove the stone from the nectarines and add to the strawberries. Add the whole raspberries, the honey and blend until full smooth. Add coconut milk to the desired consistency and blend again. Again add a few mint leaves to decorate.


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