White Witch Regenerating Skin Balm

Here are 22 uses for White Witch Regenerating Skin Balm

1. All-round healing balm thanks to the combination of powerful healing oils such as St John’s wort, Copaiba and Rosehip Seed.

The joy of Regenerating Skin Balm is its 3 oils, St John’s wort, Copaiba and Rosehip Seed. That’s the magical antibacterial and anti-inflammatory trio that makes this balm an all-round healer. When Regenerating Skin Balm is applied to a wound area, it provides the body with what it needs to repair skin cells. Use it on rashy patches, cuts, grazes and, well, any skin irritations for that matter.

2. Acne

Perhaps the most famed of all uses is its role in clearing acne, spots, blemishes, pimples and breakouts. Simply apply to the spot in question, and watch it magically reduce in redness and size.

3. Face mask

Because Regenerating Skin Balm is so rich, you can’t use it as a regular moisturiser. But you can use it once a week as an all-round face mask. This DIY beauty hack is perfect after routine bedtime cleansing, smear Regenerating Skin Balm all over your whole face. Then leave it to absorb overnight. It helps tighten pores and prevent the buildup of sebum, reducing the formation of blackheads and pimples. You will wake up looking fresher and smoother, with a more even complexion. Be sure to sleep on a towel. Do this once a week only.

4. Shaving rash / razor burn

Keep a jar handy in the bathroom at all times.

5. Rough, cracked heels

Apply balm, put socks on, and allow to soak in overnight.

6. Wrinkles

The properties of some of the oils stimulate the skin and help tighten the skins elastic fiber leading to a reduced appearance of wrinkles.

7. Insect bites and stingsmm

Regenerating Skin Balm contains a mild local anaesthetic to ease discomfort.

8. To prevent and soothe chafing

Be it from cycling or because your thighs rub together in summer.

9. Sweat rashes

Can be used on all skin types, to prevent rashes in creases.

10. Nappy Rash

Works like magic on nappy rash.

11. Can be used to help treat eczema, psoriasis, molluscum, bedsores, chilblains and warts.

12. Dogs also get dry patches, itchy sores and tail chafing

Regenerating Skin Balm is not toxic to dogs, just keep an eye out that your dog doesn’t lick too much of it off.

13. Apply around your hairline when applying hair dye / colour, to prevent your skin from staining.

14. Sunburn, the ultimate after-sun treatment

Applied hourly, every hour, for 24 hours. Tip: Leave the tub in the fridge, and apply the cooled balm to really ease the burn.

15. Dry knees and elbows.

16. Piles, haemorrhoids and painful bowel movements.

17. When sick with colds and flu, apply under the nose to prevent dryness and chaffing from excessive wiping and blowing.

18. Itchy and inflamed scar tissue

Soothes itchy C-section cut.

19. Protect your manicured hands when washing the dishes.

Regenerating Skin Balm’s water-repellent base creates a protective seal.

20. Protect your little one’s chin from the drool floodgates of teething.

Just apply and the drool won’t cause a chin rash.

21. Bruises

To reduce appearance and swelling.

22. Emergency redness reduction


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